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Smile Again with Dental Implants

Happy Old Couple with their New Dental Implants

It is an everyday struggle living with a missing tooth. Having to go out and engage with people every day is sure to make you self-conscience of your teeth. It can be awkward going out with friends and be the only person in a photograph smiling with their lips tightly pursed, to hide that uncomfortable gap. However, if you do have one or more missing teeth, you are not alone in this world! According to an epidemiological census last updated in 2015, over 178 million Americans are living without at least one tooth. The numbers get even crazier with 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. So what can you do? Here at One Stop Implants, we want to share with you the benefits of dental implants, and how they can give you back your confidence and have you smiling again.

Benefit from Dental Implants

It should come as no surprise that dental implants improve your appearance, but did you know that they also boost your speech, comfort and overall health? Here we break down each of these benefits –

Improved Appearance

The reason you are reading this is because you lost a tooth and you want to have it back. Luckily, dental implants give you that option. You only have two natural sets of teeth, but with dental implants, you get one more. Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth, partly in because of its anatomical structure and the way it bonds with your jawbone. Soon you will be out and about smiling without a care, for you know dental implants have given you the chance to smile again.

Improved Speech and Comfort

To be straightforward, dentures are a solution of the past. Dentures provide no real benefits for you at all. In fact, dentures are rarely associated with anything positive. They inhibit speech, making you sound like you are always mumbling. Dentures make it super frustrating to eat, as they may fall out in the process, and you don’t get to really feel the texture of the food you are eating. With dental implants, you no longer have these worries. Dental implants are bonded to your jawbone, so no more having to rush to the bathroom to apply more adhesive. Implants are structured much like a natural tooth, eliminating any discomfort and allowing you to eat and speak without any complications. For denture users reading this, doesn’t this sound like a dream come true? It’s not a dream though, dental implants will make your life that much better.

Improved Oral Health

Missing teeth can cause a lot of harmful consequences to occur if not treated in time. Your mouth has over 1000 bacteria multiplying evermore. When you get dentures instead of dental implants, you are giving that bacteria more room to grow on the denture, but also get trapped underneath it and cause major pool to build up. If not treated properly, this can cause inflammation, ulcers, and symptoms that can soon develop into oral cancer. Stop worrying about all of these terrible issues, they only happen to those using dentures. You can take care of dental implants just as you would with your regular teeth. Just brush twice daily and floss with a waterpik between meals to make sure they stay nice and healthy.

The Best Dental Implant Specialist is Right Here!

This year, we have conducted a study to answer some questions some of our patients came to us with, which included where they can get the most affordable dental implants in the city of Van Nuys. As givers to the community, we took the time to research the pricing of our competitors and compare it against our own. Based on our data, not only did we make the list, but we were the most affordable practice in Van Nuys. While you may assume that our practice may not be as high of quality as any other place, we can assure you that is not the case. Dr. Cohen has been practicing implantology for over a decade, placing thousands of implants in the process. If you are looking for the best care along with the most affordable price in Van Nuys, be sure to schedule your Free Consultation with us today by phone or through our online contact form. We hope to see you soon!

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