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How Old is too Old for Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a great option for fixing broken or missing teeth, but some people wonder whether they’re too old to receive implants. 

Can elderly people receive dental implants?

As medical knowledge and technology is improving, it’s becoming more and more common for people to live to be 90 years or even older. Although many people are living longer, it’s still typical to suffer from gum disease or tooth decay with age. Elderly people often choose dentures to deal with tooth loss, but dentures can cause even more bone and tooth loss. Dentures can also irritate gum tissue and cause difficulty with eating. 

Dental implants can be a much better option for elderly people as they cause no problems with talking, eating, or drinking. Implants are just as effective in elderly people as they are in younger people, even in older people with osteoporosis or bone loss.

Are dental implants better than conventional dentures?

Almost all patients can benefit more from dental implants than conventional dentures. Many people with dentures find it difficult to chew or speak, and it can take a significant toll on on their health and social life. Implants allow patients to maintain their normal lifestyle.

Is recovery from the implant procedure difficult?

If performed correctly, the dental implant procedure shouldn’t be very painful. Recovery is usually quicker and more comfortable than recovery from teeth extraction, although most patients feel slight pain for a few days immediately after the surgery. The dentist may either use a fixed denture to restore the implants immediately or wait a few months for the implants to heal before placing the new teeth on top.

What are some benefits of receiving dental implants?

Unlike many other types of dental treatments, implants allow the patients to eat all foods. People with implants can easily eat healthy, satisfying, and nutritious foods. Patients with conventional dentures often deal with bone loss, but implants can help to preserve the patient’s jaw bone instead of damaging it.

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