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The Advantages of Implants over Bridgework

Photo Comparison of Bridges and an Implant

Losing a tooth used to be a disaster in the making. There were only a few options that were open to you. These days though there are a wide range more options that you can choose from to fix your teeth. Two main methods involve dental implants, and bridgework. Here are the reasons why experts are saying to choose dental implants and why they will fit your needs over bridges.

There is one thing that automatically stands out when it comes to bridges versus dental implants, this is the amount of work required. Implants are slightly easier as you can generally deal with a single tooth as opposed to having to involve extra teeth in the process of a bridge. With a bridge if you have a tooth that is broken or missing, you need to clear most of the enamel off of the adjacent teeth in order for it to be fit accordingly. An implant, you can simply have the one tooth replaced and have a result that is stronger and more permanent than a bridge. 

In the way of which one is more durable, that is again an easy choice. Dental implants will have the clear advantage here and as a result it will be something that you need to give serious thought to. Bridgework will often wear out over time and will require more and more work as the years go on. You can generally expect to have to replace your bridgework about every ten years. This can cause you a lot of disruption in your life and can be a huge impact as well will discuss in the next section, the costs. 

If you look at the initial costs associated with both methods, it would seem that bridgework will be your best choice. That is where the problem is as looks are often times not what they appear. The costs for the procedure at first will be cheaper than implants, but as discussed in the previous section, you will encounter more costs over time as you will have to have this replaced and that will over time costs far more than just having implants installed. With the fact that implants don’t need to be replaced, you will over time save money and be able to afford that vacation that you always dreamed of. 

As you can clearly see, implants are the overall better way to go and the smartest choice for your needs. You will in the end be glad that you made this choice and decided against the idea of other alternatives for your teeth. This is your teeth and money we are talking about, why not save both using dental implants?

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