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7 Tips for a Healthy Set of Teeth

Man Brushing His Teeth

Are you scared that one day you may lose your teeth? Fear not! Although losing your teeth may be worrisome, there is a way to restore your missing teeth through dental implants. We talk a lot about dental implants, but today we want to go over how you can keep your teeth healthy so you don’t have to worry about losing your teeth.

Here are our 7 secrets to achieving this –

Throw Out Your Toothbrush

First things first, make sure you’re changing out your toothbrush. While you may or may go to the dentist every 6 months as recommended, it’s important that you change out your toothbrush at least once every 3 months. The same goes for replacing the head of an electric toothbrush. Bristles eventually wear down, and ones that don’t get thrown out will begin to scrape and harm the enamel of your teeth rather than brush it down and get rid of all the plaque.

You may have also been keeping your toothbrush close to the toilet, which isn’t good! Dentist recommend that you have your toothbrush at least 6 feet away from your toilet at all times, else the bacteria and other uncleanliness may find itself trapped on the bristles of your toothbrush. Ew! Throw out your toothbrush if you haven’t, and make sure to keep up these 2 tips.

Clean Your Tongue

The little tongue pad on the back of your toothbrush actually does something! Using a tongue scraper every morning will help eliminate any plaque lying on top of it, and acts as a breath freshener! Using a tongue scraper is twice as effective as brushing it with a toothbrush, so if you want clean, crisp breath make sure you use one!

Eat Detergent Foods

We’re not asking you to drink laundry detergent, that’s gross and really unsafe. What we’re trying to tell you is that there are foods that help clean your teeth while you are eating them. Popular choices are raw carrots, celery and even popcorn. These foods are especially effective as detergents right after eating a full meal.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is your friend here. Not only does it help whiten your teeth, it helps remove stains as well! Apply baking soda onto your toothbrush twice a week, and brush just like you would normally. Make sure though, to not ingest it, because it’s mostly sodium.

On one note, if your gums become to feel raw because of baking soda, you can switch to using salt every other day to relax your gums.

Rinse Your Mouth with Mouthwash

Some of you may have forgotten that mouthwash even exists. Mouthwash is more than something that you rinse in your mouth and spit out. It takes all the plaque buildup you’ve been pushing around with your toothbrush, uproots it from the surface of your teeth, and finds itself in your sink come 30 seconds later. A great tip for shopping for mouthwash is to find one that is alcohol-free. Alcohol mouthwashes can cause the tissue in your mouth to dry out, preventing saliva from taking on the bacteria that’s living in your mouth.

Make the Most of Flossing

Yes, we know many of you don’t floss. It’s weird, but in one conducted study, people would rather sit in a waiting room at the dentist than spend 5 minutes cleaning their teeth with floss. Come on guys, flossing is easy! If you don’t want to spend time standing in front of the mirror, learn how to guide your floss without one. That way you can floss on the go, whether in the car, in bed, or at your work desk. If you can learn how to do this, at least flossing won’t be a drag in the morning and you’ll have less excuses to avoid it.

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