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The Cost of Dental Implants in Van Nuys

Have you been looking at all your options to replace a missing tooth? Look no further, dental implants are the solution for you. Dental implants have become the number one solution to replace a missing tooth. You can ask the 500,000 people in the United States who get at least one each year how great dental implants are for you and your health. To be fair, dental implants are pretty cool, as they have many great advantages that otherwise do not come with dentures, partials or bridges. Dental implants are also affordable. In this article, we want to show you where the most affordable dental implants are in Van Nuys.

The Cost of Dental Implants

Throughout this year, we have had many patients come into our office and compliment us on our up-front pricing. We asked why, and some said they had trouble getting implant prices from other practices. As a dental practice we took this to heart, so we contacted over 200 dentists in the city of Van Nuys, and compiled a list of their pricing. Running into the same problems as our patients, we learned that many dentists do not give out their prices without you coming into their office first. Some however, understand the issue and released their pricing without a bother. Below are detailed statistics about the cost of dental implants in Van Nuys.


Based on the data above, you can see just how affordable dental implants really are in the city of Van Nuys. The average cost of dental implants is only $2360. That’s really low in comparison to any other city in the state of California. What’s better than that? Here at One Stop Implants & Dental, we offer the most affordable price of them all at only $1250 per implant! Comparing our price to that of Vision Dental, the most expensive practice in Van Nuys at $3500, you’re saving $2250. You can put that money you’re saving towards something you want.

Why is One Stop the Most Affordable?

We know how much of a loss it is to lose a tooth. We also know how harmful it is to not have a dental implant replace a missing tooth. Therefore, we have made it our objective to provide the most affordable dental implants by reducing the cost to fit the budget of those who are struggling with a limited salary but at the same time need dental care. We want to break down for you what goes into the price of a dental implant and how we can have such a low price.

The Cost of Dental Implant Parts

It’s surprising how much dental implant parts really are. The price for the titanium post, abutment, and crown tops at $750. So we try to save even more money by buying the materials in bulk. This allows us to get them at a much lower price, allowing us to share the savings with you.

The Cost of Laboratory Fees

Part of the dental implant procedure is having to translate X-Ray images of your mouth and create a guide for your implant, as well as having to create a crown for that implant. However, we get a reduced price for all of our laboratory work because we make bulk purchases on our dental implant parts. At most, our laboratory fees only add up to $250.

The Dentist’s Fee Per Hour

This is where all dentists differ in their pricing. Some dentists choose to mark up their prices because they assume their experience and degree should earn them more money. However, unlike these practices, we believe in affordable dental implants. Therefore, we only offer a flat fee so you don’t have to worry about the time we take to finish your procedure. We want you to feel happy with your dental implant after the procedure, without draining your wallet.

Choose One Stop Implants & Dental

Dental implants are the go to solution for missing teeth. Here at One Stop Implants & Dental, we are proud to say we offer the most affordable dental implants in the city of Van Nuys. We also want to share that we are located in the city of Norwalk, and offer the same prices there as we do in Van Nuys. Interested in getting a dental implant today? Give us a call or fill out a contact request online! Make the right choice, and get the most affordable dental implants in Van Nuys.


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