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Do You Only Have 2 Sets of Teeth? Scientists Don’t Think So

We were more than happy to lose our teeth as children. After all, the tooth fairy did leave behind some monies underneath our pillows. However losing a tooth as an adult can be traumatic. It’s life changing really. Almost everyone who is missing one or more teeth at older ages look towards dental implants or even dentures to help fix the gap in their smile.

Are you missing a tooth? If you are, chances are you’ve been looking or already have found a solution to restore your teeth. Scientists believe stem cell research is the future of modern dentistry, here’s why.

5 Ways to Care for Our Teeth as We Grow Older

As kids, the tooth fairy helped us celebrate the loss of a tooth. No matter how generous the tooth fairy was in those days – from quarters to five-dollar bills – you won’t be getting any money when you start losing your adult teeth. That’s why we find it important to take care our teeth, even when there’s no money involved. We want to show you exactly why taking care of your teeth is important, and how you can do it with only a few minutes out of your day.

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