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Preventing Tooth Loss

Teeth Protection

Losing a tooth should be taken seriously, no matter the reason or the position of the tooth. Missing one or multiple teeth can cause pain when doing simple things like biting and chewing. A lost tooth can also make speaking a chore, as it impedes your speech and facial muscle movements. Lastly, this can take a toll on your aesthetic health, as tooth loss can make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed about laughing or smiling, even in front of friends and family.
However there is a way to prevent tooth loss with some basic, simple steps that do not take much time or energy to do.

Maintaining Oral Care

This should be the number one thing that comes to mind when you want to keep your teeth inside your mouth. However, some people decide that oral health is just not for them. The toothbrush wasn’t invented just to stand in your medicine cabinet and gather dust, it was made to clean your teeth! Everyday dental plaque blankets the surface of your teeth, eating away at the enamel that keeps your teeth healthy and strong. If you don’t help out your teeth by fighting away the dental plaque, you will lose your teeth to cavities and tooth decay. That’s a terrible fight to lose, and you’ll only experience pain and discomfort throughout the battle. Give your teeth the cleaning they deserve by brushing your teeth when you get out of bed each morning and before you get back into bed at night. This’ll give your teeth the defense they need to ward off dental plaque.

Wear a Mouth Guard

While it may seem silly, athletes are not the only people that should wear a mouth guard. A mouth guard’s purpose is to prevent your teeth from being damaged during an accident. Serious injuries such as a car accident or a head bump can cause damage to your tooth and cause it to fall out. Other situations such as falling down stairs, or getting into a scuffle can cause you to lose a tooth. Mouth guards can minimalize the damage done to your teeth, and help them stay in your mouth.

Check in With Your Dentist!

It’s not required to, but STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you schedule a cleaning with your dentist every 6 months. During these appointments, the dentist can give you an overview about your oral health, give you a proper cleaning in regions of your mouth you haven’t focused on, and possibly give you a consolation tooth brush! Going to the dentist allows you to know how well you’ve been taking care of your oral health, and where you can improve upon. Its super simple to do, and it helps to prevent losing your teeth in the long run.

Should you already have lost a tooth, it’s not the end of the world! There’s a solution for you that will best help out your oral health in the short and long-term. Dental implants are the trending solution to replacing a missing tooth, imitating the nature, appearance, and feeling of a natural tooth. Dental implants can give you a second chance, something life usually never does. If you have a missing tooth and are looking for more information about dental implants and how they can bring a smile to your face, contact us here at One Stop Implants & Dental today!

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